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Marian Tibor McMahon

Marian Tibor-McMahon brings over 13 years of diverse and extensive communication, engagement and socio-economic experience to the Indigenous & Community Engagement team. She is an effective project manager and provides strategic solutions to her clients grounded in technical expertise and a methodological approach to problem solving. Marian’s principal area of work includes developing and executing Indigenous and public engagement programs, designing and implementing social surveys and interviews, designing and facilitating focus group sessions and workshops, developing inclusion plans, conducting social research and analysis, and liaising with multi-disciplinary project and client teams and stakeholders in the mining, transportation, and power sectors.

Marian has worked on and led many complex socio-economic impact assessments for Federal and Provincial Environmental Assessments. She has extensive experience in conducting social research using qualitative and quantitative research methods including surveys (online and intercept), stakeholder interviews, and focus groups/workshops to understand the baseline socio-economic environment.

Marian focuses on communicating and engaging with involved public and Indigenous communities to better understand their interests and priorities as they relate to a project. She provides advisory services as well as communication and engagement design and implementation, stakeholder mapping, communication materials, tracking of records and reporting. She is an effective communicator who develops strategic and innovative engagement solutions to achieve meaningful project outcomes by working collaboratively with communities and clients.