What We Do

Indigenous Engagement, Communication and Consultation

Supporting Indigenous community voices by aligning project mandates with community goals and aspirations.

Strategic Advisory

Helping clients navigate complex regulatory environments by identifying challenges, forging productive relationships and supporting informed decision-making.


Supporting effective group problem-solving and decision-making by creating space for participants to share experiences and insights.

Indigenous Knowledge and Traditional Land Use

Supporting Indigenous communities by working collaboratively to provide valuable information for holistic environmental understanding.

Community-Based Social Research

Helping clients make informed decisions by producing insightful analyses of key findings based on Indigenous values and principles of ownership, control, access, and possession.

Funding and Project Support

Helping Indigenous communities obtain funding for a variety of initiatives while ensuring project success by being on time and on budget.

Data Science

Supporting clients in making informed decisions about quality of life by organizing and analyzing data to produce meaningful metrics, trends, and visuals.

Capacity Assessment,
Development and Support

Supporting capacity building efforts that assess and build competencies, skills, knowledge, motivation, and commitment at the organizational, community, and individual levels.

Building a Sustainable Future Together

Indigenous and Community Engagement (ICE) Inc.

As a 100% Indigenous-owned company, we recognize the importance of sustainable socio-economic development of Indigenous peoples. Our work is grounded in Indigenous values and the principles of reconciliation. Our goal is to work collaboratively with Indigenous communities to improve the quality of life for Indigenous peoples. We work with government, corporate, and Indigenous clients to support informed decision-making, shared outcomes, and mutual benefits.

How We Help

Our team has direct first-hand experience in designing, developing, and delivering Indigenous engagement and communications programs, Indigenous-based qualitative and quantitative research, Indigenous focus group facilitation, Indigenous capacity assessments, and Indigenous Knowledge and Traditional Land Use studies in a way that creates collaborative working relationships and mutually beneficial outcomes. 

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